Friday, October 31, 2014

~*Happy Halloween*~

Hello Dear Friends and Happy Halloween!

Here is a small Halloween treat I stitched up a couple years ago...
It is no longer available as a finish.  However, if you feel like stitching this evening... it is one of my FREEBIE patterns.  (Halloween Freebie 2012)  Happy stitching!


Yesterday, I unpacked two more boxes.  (Yes, I KNOW!  We moved one year ago from this time... and I am still finding things!  My husband and I are like two peas on a pod... we can be so unorganized at times and it seems we both like to collect clutter.)

Anyway... I DID restock all available printed patterns in my Etsy shoppe... and that INCLUDES a LIMITED NUMBER of patterns from a couple that I did for Country Sampler's Prim Sister Group...

~*Prim Sisters Darning Pinkeep*~


~*Prim Sisters Needlebook*~

Again, once the printed patters are gone... they are gone... retired... no longer available.

I will be working up some NEW PATTERNS for cross stitch in PDF (instant e-mail) patterns soon!  I have three stitched waiting for 'finishing'... then they can be completed and available for you. 

Don't have an Etsy user id, but would like to purchase a pattern (whether it is printed or PDF)?  That is alright... just drop me an email.  The link to my email is on the sidebar to the left.

Wishing all all warm smiles... and friendly spooks!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

~*Santa Claws*~ Punching is Finished

Hello Dear Friends!

This afternoon, I finished whipping the edges and adding a few accessories to my version of ~*Santa Claws*~...

This is a freebie pattern given by Lori Brechlin to the Facebook group members of... The Out Of Hand Rug Hookers.

I used my #10 and #8 Amy Oxford Rug Punches... with wool yarns and wool fabric strips to punch the rug on Monk's Cloth.  The rug finished to about 18 inches square... just the amount of room I had available to punch on with my largest rug frame.

Most of the rug was punched with my #10 punch, but I did use the #8 punch for the eyes.  This left them 'set back' some from the height of the other loops.  The other loops, because I used both yarn and fabric strips... are all a different sort of every~which~high and low.

The whiskers were made with some thin hemp cord.  I added the key for more charm.  You all know how much I like old keys... or, in this case, a reproduction old key.

Some close~ups of the punching to show the loop texture...

The backside of the rug.  I should trim the yarn that holds the key... but the rest of it is pretty clean.  I only need to add a label... and then it is all finished!

Many thanks to Lori for providing the sweet pattern!  

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

~* I DID IT!!!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

YES!!!  I did it!!!  I FINALLY figured out how to convert my older, needlepunch dolly patterns into PDF!!!  YAH!!!

Remember these?

~*Punkin' & Holly*~

~*Miss Purrudence and Miss Briar May Bell*~

~*Belsnickle and Ginger Girl*~

Well, they have ALL been brought back as PDF patterns are are now listed in my Etsy Shoppe!!!  To see only my PDF patterns in my shop CLICK HERE

There are a FEW of the printed/paper/mailed patterns available in my shop as well... but once they are gone ~ they are gone.  These patterns are retired... and will not be reprinted.  ONLY THE PDF PATTERNS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE WHEN THEY ARE GONE.

Thank you to all who asked about these patterns... and thank you to all how were patient with me while I tried to figure out how to do it!

I do also hope to work on PDF cross stitch patterns... but one accomplishment at a time.  *WINK*

Wishing you all warm smiles...


*** Anyone interested in my PDF patterns that does not want to purchase through Etsy... is welcome to email me.  I can invoice you through Paypal and send your pattern via email back.  Thank you! ***

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

~*Punching Santa Claws*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Recently, the super talented Lori Brechlin, gave a freebie pattern to the members of the Facebook Group "The Out of Hand Rug Hookers".  (Thank you Lori!)  It is called "Santa Claws".  I thought is was sweet and drew it up quickly on some Monk's Cloth with the plan to punch it.  It took me some time to get it started... but I did just that yesterday!  

Yes, I SHOULD be working on more finished wares for the 1st Friday Event... "GET COZY"... coming up on November 7th at Fairlawn Mall in Topeka.  But... I can always take the finished "Santa Claws" with me... burn the midnight oil during the next week and a half to finish all the other things I have started!  Right?

And for those asking... I am also trying to find the time to get those needlepunch doll PDF patterns worked up.  I'm struggling with sizing... and my schedule.  I will do it though!!!  I promise!!!  Thank you for being patient with me.

Well... here is my "Santa Claws" in progress...

I'm punching with both wool yarns (mostly bulky weight) and wool fabric.  The yarn and wool strips are both punched with my #10 Amy Oxford needle (Well, for the most part they are.  I will explain more in a minute.)  It doesn't bother me... with my primitive mind... that the yarn and strips are punching at different height loops.  The wool strips are taller loops.  To me... this will just be that much more interesting to the eye.

The backside... the working side.  I had two large swirls on the cat body... but pulled one up and made it more elongated.  It is my hope that this will give the fur some movement in the finish. I am also punching in a few places on the body with some black, worsted weight yarn to add more depth...

Do you see the different height loops?

The cat eyes were punched with worsted weight yarn and my #8 Amy Oxford punch.  They are set back because the loops are much shorter.  I'm not sure I like the white nose... may pull it out and redo with a different color.

My messy lookin' loops...

The wool fabric I am using is one of my GREAT thrift store finds!  I found this skirt at the store last week for only 50 CENTS!  It isn't 100% wool... but there was enough wool in it and the pattern/colors were just perfect for the yarns I had for "Santa Claws"...

Well... back to punching for me...

Wishing you all warm smiles... and crafty hands!


Monday, October 20, 2014

~*New ePattern!!!*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Oh... I think after many brutal hours of staring at my computer screen... that I may have figured it out!

~*Willie the Sheep*~

For many months now, I have told you that I am working on offering PDF patterns (instant download email patterns).  Honestly... I have been thinking and planning it!  However, it has been so very frustrating trying to figure it out myself.  I really feel very computer stupid!

Today though... I have been sitting at my computer ALL DAY... and have been focus and stubborn... and committed... and I have one pattern up on Etsy now to prove it!  Can you cheer with me????  Please????  *SMILE*

The picture of ~*Willie*~ the sheep is my first ePattern offering.  Many of you may remember several years back, that I had ~*Willie the Sheep*~ in my doodle booklet.  I thought it was fitting to have him as my first ePattern too!

And... for those interested... YES!  There will be more patterns ~ BOTH NEEDLEPUNCH AND CROSS STITCH!  I have a needlepunch doll pattern ready to load into the PDF maker and about 3 cross stitch models that need framed or finished 'into something'... so they can have a photoshoot and loaded into it too!  Please be patient with me.  I'm trying... and trying hard!

For anyone interested in ~*Willie the Sheep*~ Needlepunch ePattern... CLICK HERE to visit the listing on Etsy.

Or, on the sidebar... I've added a button that will take you directly to Paypal for a purchase.

Patterns will arrive in your email inbox within 24 hours.  (The pattern will print on 9 pages.)

Thank you for the encouragement and support!  I will keep working hard... and designing, charting, stitching, punching, hooking, and playing!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Sunday, October 19, 2014

~*Joyful Sunday*~

Hello Dear Friends!

I hope your weekend has been warm and great!

We have had an amazing family, fun~filled, joyous weekend!  Two of my Aunts from California came to visit.  It didn't last nearly long enough... and I have been on the verge of sentimental tears of absolute JOY all weekend!  We hugged, laughed, giggled, talked, ate, played, mingled, toured the capital city, enjoyed the country~side, rode dirt bikes and just plain smiled all weekend!  I'm sad that they are gone... but so glad they were able to come!

The house has quieted down now... except for the roaring sound of football in the background.  I have been getting some needlepunching finished... and listed this ditty on Ebay a few minutes ago...

 ~*Jack & Crow*~ Pillow Tuck


The Eskridge Fall Festival is this coming Saturday, October 25th... in Eskridge, Kansas.  I will have a booth set up on Main Street during the day... offering my wares and demonstrating needlepunch.  Stop by for a visit!

Also, I will be set up here with my Momma during 1st Friday in Topeka, Kansas...

This will be a fun night!  Mark your calendars!!!


There were several pictures taken during our family fun.  This is one of my favorites.  My baby Sister, my Momma, and myself.  Doesn't my Momma look happy?  

Wishing you all warm smiles...